Racer Report: Shorty #6 | Greg Alsterlind

This year seemed to go by so fast.

The A group was well attended by the under 35 group with a lot of very strong riders. I was lucky enough to have the strength to keep up with Gavin Parnes when he showed up. Last year I was keeping up with Willson Perry but this year he took it to the next level. I no longer have the speed to stay close to Mark Ingwersen and Mark Gibson is faster than I have ever been but I still enjoy this race. It is fun watching the kids get stronger and always fun to see so many friends all enjoying the sport we love.

I hope to keep in good enough shape to stay in the A35+ for another year or 2?

A big Thank you Jim Hewett for making this happen. Its a lot of work organizing this race and I hope you can keep it going till Simon gets sick of beating Phil Moony and the rest of the A's?